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About me

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Since we are trying to catch the impressions of our cavedives unsuccessfully for some time, we decided SPONTANOUSLY to go for JPs photoworkshop and let us introduce by him to the world of underwater photography.

For every day there was a different objective given by JP, that we had to fulfill with our cameras. The three best shots of each photographer were discussed together at night. JP putted the focus every day on a different matter - in the beginning it was more the equipment part, later it became the composition of the picture.                                                                                              
The single lessons matched the objectives and were discussed accordingly to the different strong and weak points of each photographer. Besides the in water sessions and the discussions there were each day 1-2 lectures, within which the theory of the different objectives was teached. And also here we had a lot of fun!
We observed by every participant a continuously improvement of the pictures. Even out of a pocket camera, brought by one of the participants, JP knew how to get the optimum out of it with remarkable results. Even as beginners, we felt well appreciated and supported at the best - we are caught by a new love - catching our impressions during cavediving on digital celluloid.
JPs workshop put us a big step ahead in keeping the memories of the beauty and the fascinations of cavediving on photos.

Peter Gaertner & Manuela Schoch